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What our awarded clients are saying...

Magic Touch Environmental, Inc

"We could not imagine handling the plethora of documentation that was required prior to submission. Their staff was patient, helpful, and successful in ensuring that our submission for a GSA contract would include all the necessary information."

GSA Awarded Contract #47QSWA23D001K

Albert Hirsch



Coastal Medical Transport, Inc

"We have dealt with companies who offer GSA Award Contracting services but failed or could not deliver any results. We are thankful for Eastman and Pearse for making this such an easy process."

GSA Awarded Contract #47QMCB20D0002

Tamara Nichols


RestoKleen USA, Inc

"The specialists at Eastman and Pears of Virginia navigated us through the process and provided reasonable deadlines for submitting our documentation."

GSA Awarded Contract #47QRAA22D009G

Sera Gorgorian

The Sergio Corporation

GSA Awarded Contract #47QRAA21D001P

360 Fire & Flood

"I am very thankful to have worked with Eastman and Pearse of Virginia, and I will certainly use their services in the future. I would highly recommend Eastman and Pearse to any company seeking a GSA contract."

GSA Awarded Contract #47QRAA22D009P

Jon Mackie




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