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Industry Insight

To be successful with Government Contracting you need to be familiar with the marketplace .  Whether your company provides products or services you must determine what opportunities are available. 

Our Team

Our team has over 30 years collectively of Government Proposal Writing Experience.  We offer proper consultative action to help our clients procure lucrative contracts and assist them with contract management.



Our firm specializes in business to government and business to business marketing strategies. 

Many businesses across the US have entertained the idea of taking on Government Contracts.  Many of those same businesses have failed or never were able to complete the process they set out to accomplish.  


The Federal Government can be challenging client to work with. It almost seems that they make the navigation into the hordes of documents you must supply and compliance's you must meet purposely impossible as to deter those without a strong business acumen.  We at Eastman & Pearse handle the challenging part of working with the government to get you where you need to be and provide the ability for your company to take on a Governmental Division competently.

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